Ministry that brings young and older men together to fellowship in and outside the church doors.  This ministry allows men to be ministered to and to create an Awesome Christian bond for the Kingdom. The purpose if for men to understand their God given purpose and potential in spite of pain and environment; in spite of statistics. Activities include reaching out to the community delivering food items and working in community outreach endeavors as well as having fun in bowling and watching games. 



Ministry that brings young and older women together to fellowship in and outside the church doors. The ministry allows women to see past pain and push into purpose. Activities include "What not to wear seminars" and different bonding activities learning who they are as individuals, as a group and how important they are in the Kingdom.

Divine Daughter’s With Destiny (3D) and Soaring Sons For Success (3S) are designed to teach the next generation coping skills, anger management skills, positive decision-­making skills and other tools to equip them for what tomorrow holds. These programs have a biblical foundation infused with therapeutic tools to tackle tough issues such as Bullying, Positive Relationships, Drugs, Peer Pressure and much more.


3D and 3S will expose the next generation to different college choices and trade school options. They will also learn information about different career choices. There are all sorts of fun activities that the youth will be taking advantage of in the community as well. We forward to great times of learning, laughter, and empowering the youth of tomorrow. 



This ministry exist to teach fundamentals and home values through family interaction using biblical principles in the home.


We are a non-denominational, multicultural church with a Pentecostal mentality and flare that believes in the gifts of the spirit and the five-fold ministry.


6243 Whitehorse Road, Suite F, Greenville SC 29611


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